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From getting new people into sailing, to bringing boat lovers together, to helping govern yachting and boating in the UK, there are all sorts of associations working within the maritime sector. If you help run a marine association, we can help find appropriate cover for both the work you do and the people carrying it out.

Our longstanding team have in-depth knowledge of the marine industry, enabling us to swiftly understand the risks that come with your particular organisation. We can help advise and guide on the different types of cover you may need, and by working closely with you, we can draw up a custom policy that’s tailored to your specific associated marine insurance needs.

We provide:

  • Expert advice and specialist knowledge of the marine industry and its associations.
  • Access to a wide range of insurers for high-quality cover.
  • Bespoke cover options steered to your needs, including
    • Commercial Combined
    • Management Liability
    • Public Liability
    • Personal Accident
    • Directors & Officers
    • Legal
    • Travel
    • Cargo
    • Engineering
    • Protection & Indemnity, and much more

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  • Professional, prompt and personal service – from the first point of contact to making a claim.

So with us on board, your marine trade is in safe hands. We bring industry expertise, professionalism and a genuine passion for all things marine to the table, from our real-world sailing experience to our sponsorship of marine charities and events. And by navigating the associated marine insurance market for you, we ensure you’re properly protected so you can focus on what matters: running your business.

associated marine insurance

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