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Ensuring a vessel is seaworthy is essential. From small pleasure craft to superyachts, commercial ships to tugs and trawlers, every water-borne vessel must be fit for purpose and in the right condition to be used at sea or on inland waters. As a marine surveyor, it’s your responsibility to assess the condition of a vessel, from its hull to its machinery. Not only do you need a thorough knowledge of different vessel types, but you need to know their value too – as surveying a boat is an important part of the sales process, for peace of mind it’s worth covering yourself with marine surveyor insurance to know your back is always covered in case of an accident.

We understand the risks that come with the responsibilities of a marine surveyor. We’ll work with you to build a policy that gives you the right level of protection for the crucial role you carry out.

We provide:

  • Expert advice and specialist knowledge of the marine industry and its associations.
  • Access to a wide range of insurers for high-quality cover.
  • Bespoke cover options steered to your needs, including
    • Commercial Combined
    • Management Liability
    • Public Liability
    • Personal Accident
    • Directors & Officers
    • Legal
    • Travel
    • Cargo
    • Engineering
    • Protection & Indemnity, and much more

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  • Professional, prompt and personal service – from the first point of contact to making a claim.


marine surveyor insurance

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